2015 - 2016 PreK Registration

Applications for Pre-K will be taken beginning March 23, 2015, for the 2015-2016 school year.

2014 - 2015 Nutrition

An important message from the nutrition department can be found here.

2014 - 2015 Testing

We've added the testing schedule for the 2014-2015 school year to the website. You can find the link on the left or located here.

JR. Wildcat Football

Overton County Jr. Wildcat football practice for the 2014 season will be on July 14th, from 3:00 to 6:00 at Livingston Middle School.

Pre-K Program

We added the ability to download all the forms that you need for Pre-K registration right from our website.

You can view the new webpage for Overton County Schools Voluntary Pre-K program here.

Coordinated School Health

We've recently added the Body Mass Index (bmi) over the past 4 years to the Coordinated School Health page located here.

Tennessee Common Core

We've recently added a lot of information concerning the Tennessee Common Core Standards to our website. You can find this information at the new page located here.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me using the link below.

Thank you, Zak Emerick

Welcome to Overton County Schools!

Welcome to Overton County Schools. On behalf of the Overton County Board of Education, the many Supervisors, Administrators, Teachers and support personnel in our system, I invite you to become a part of the educational process. Our mission is to ensure each student graduating from the Overton County School District is equipped with the confidence and educational tools allowing them to be college and/or career ready, whichever they choose.

As we begin the first leg of this educational journey together, I want to thank you for your interest in and support of the Overton County Schools. We take very seriously, the challenge of providing all children with the best possible educational experience. We are proud of our rich tradition and pledge to continue to reach for a higher level of educational excellence with enthusiasm and vigour.

Given the present state of the economy coupled with the increased competition for good jobs globally, now more than ever it is absolutely imperative that all children receive a high quality education. Our graduates need to have more than basic academic skills. Today’s graduates must be prepared to live, work and achieve success in a rapidly changing world. They must be able to solve complex problems, work effectively on a team, think critically and creatively, possess a flexible set of skills, recognize changing patterns, be innovative, and possess the skills necessary to be successful in college and a career. These demands will require a more relevant and rigorous education. Although the future is uncertain, I am confident that our schools will produce graduates prepared to meet and exceed the challenges of life.

Part of the vision that will lead and direct us toward accomplishing a high quality education includes a primary focus on maximizing the academic potential of every student. In other words, we must identify where a student is on the ladder of learning and move that student up the ladder as far and as quickly as possible. It is necessary for all educators to possess an unwavering belief that all students will learn and achieve success. We must target and teach to all learning styles and personalize the educational experience for each child. We must commit to providing uncompromising educational service to students and parents in a safe and nurturing environment. Although there are many complexities associated with educating today’s students, we are focused on effective teaching, learning and building relationships. Exceptional teachers, bright and motivated students and supportive parents and community members working together will ensure a school system that strives for excellence for all students.

Again, I welcome you to our school systems’ website and invite you to visit our schools and see our developing focus on providing an extraordinary education to all students.

Together, working on achieving a productive and enjoyable school year.

Pamela Smith-Gordon, Director of Schools